In this new age of technology, the majority of our commonly used devices are equipped with Siri, Alexa or Cortona. Vinci decided to take a unique approach and incorporate Alexa into their headphones. I knew the day of voice-controlled headphones would be on the market in years to come. But Vinci has taken the step sooner. I’m very impressed by the WiFi and 3G connection which means there’s no phone required for use.

Vinci 2.0 is equipped with so many great features that allow the user to be totally handsfree. Vinci 2.0 can read text messages, answer phone calls, assist with workout routines, play musical playlist via Spotify and Soundcloud and so much more. And being equipped with Alexa’s 1500 skills is very impressive. I know I love listening to music and the idea of not taking my phone with me everywhere is awesome. I can now go jogging and load up a playlist without wondering if my phone is secured enough so I won’t drop it or get a cracked screen. The comfortable neckband and the magnetic earbuds make the mobility one of the superb features I look for in headphones. Yes, there are many other important features I like to inquiry in headphones and Vinci hits them all. The sound is marvelous, the design is stylish, the noise cancellation is a must have and the size is perfect.

Vinci’s mission is to improve the way headphones are viewed and used. Vinci is now located in New York, Bangkok, Beijing, and Shenzhen. Vinci 2.0 will hit the market soon in three different versions, Vinci 2.0 Lite, Vinci 2.0 Pro and Vinci 2.0 Super. The starting retail price is $199 but you have the opportunity to get an exclusive discount through my website.

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