What Is A Lyrical Machine?: It’s Singular Not Plural


I’m going to start by introducing my highly lyrical self to you as, Byron Bank. I’m a Hip-Hop lyricist and storyteller born and raised in Houston, Texas. My dedication, passion, drive and persistence on and behind the scenes shines bright. Being family-oriented, is the reason why I strive to be able to leave a strong legacy to be viewed as motivating and inspiring.

My Musical and Lyrical Journey

My musical journey started when I was 15 years old. Growing up all I did was play video games, basketball and go to school. Until one day, in the living room watching television, I fell in love with this Casio keyboard advertisement. And for my birthday, my grandmother purchased that keyboard and I was ready to make my own tunes. I’m not going to lie and say I can play like Ray Charles but I can play by ear. There wasn’t a lot of things to do when I was growing up besides playing basketball, video games and getting an education. That stuff was getting boring to me but music never did.

I was always listening to music through my Sony walkman when I was riding public transportation or walking to the corner store. I would listen to Phat Pat, Lil Keke, UGK, Scarface, Digital Underground, Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. Until one day a group of friends introduced me to Rakim, Souls of Mischief, KRS One and other lyrical pioneers. And then I feel in love with the use of metaphors, double entendre and the art of storytelling even more.

My Lyrical Accolades

After disembarking from a hiphop group, I decided to continue and pursue my music independently. It was fun working with friends who were lyrical too. We helped pushed each other styles and word play ability next level . But it was also hard with getting everyone on the same page at times. I’ve learned a lot from watching the group succeed and from experiencing a few set backs all together. This really helped shaped my knowledge in the industry as a business man and an entrepreneur.

Not trying to toot my own horn but thus far I’ve made some great accomplishments. I’ve opened up for major artists such as Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Lil Scrappy, T-wayne and more. My album “Change” won an award for Best Independent Hip-Hop Album in 2015 and single “T.H.O.T” received airplay on 97.9 the Box, Houston’s Radio One station. I was stoked to have my own Pandora curated station go live months later. Futhermore, I’ve completed my first multi-city tour in 2016. And also released a 17 song album, “Current Situations” in 2017 with no feature artist collaborations. Lastly, I’m working on a new EP that will be releasing in 2018 titled, “Metamorphosis”.

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