Thoughts On Headphones: What Makes Them Great To Me


I tend to keep a pair of headphones with me throughout the day, no matter what. My headphones are always closely nearby, just like a sidekick. They’re available in different sizes, styles, colors and sound which make it harder to choose which one suits you. But I’m not sure if they stalk me or am I stalking them. I have my specific take on headphones and it’s all of the above mentioned.

Size of Headphones

The size of any particular headphone is important. I know I don’t want to have some supersize ear muffs on my head. I can’t fathom to see where would I sit these things when I’m not using them. Can you image that? A box on a box.  I definitely wouldn’t want them tiny or microscopically small.  I would probably break them coming out of the box or within the first usage of my daily workout. There’s a certain conform level I lean to when it comes to them.

Style and Color of Headphones

First, I will say that style is the second most important aspect to me. Nobody wants to rock some ugly headphones. Then I don’t know why you would read this paragraph.  I will say that the size can also influence their style. But I will also say there’s some nice ugly large and small headphones on the market. And if you’re like me, I like to make sure my outfit and accessories gel together.

Headphones can for sure be considered as a part of fashion.  When we look at people we tend to view  them as a whole, I know I do. If I’m rocking a special design or color, it could be that one element in my wardrobe that sticks out.  The colors I prefer are white, blue, black and red. But type of headphones I prefer are mostly over the ear. Here are a few reasons why I say that. Those colors will almost gel well with any type of outfit.  I fell more comfortable with over the ear when I’m in my creative process. And for mobile use, I do use a few in-ear headphones.

Sound of Headphones

Now let’s get into why sound is the number one thing I look for. Sound is where I make my final decision if these are for me. I’m a bass type of guy but I also like to have a balance between the bass and treble. I get so excited when I can hear the bass clearly. It makes me imagine what it would sound like in my car or on a sound system. I don’t like to equalize any settings only listen to the content in it’s rare form. No matter the brand, noise cancellation makes my listening more pleasurable. All I want to hear is quality music and fell like I’m there.

My Final Thoughts

Lastly, here are my final thoughts on what makes headphones great and awesome to me. As I mentioned above size, style, color and sound are my key focal points in decision making. There are some great name brands out there as well as a few no name brands to chose from. And there’s some brand names that should be no name brands with awful sound. I’ve had my few and I promise that will never happen again. Long story short, if you’re around me you’ll notice that I don’t play when it comes down to my headphones. My daily use, wear and artistry would not settle for less.

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