The Origin of Metamorphosis

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Metamorphosis is my new five-song EP soon to be released on all digital formats. The origin of Metamorphosis was a slight difference than any of my past projects. Each project had its own unique way of evolving but this one had a more systematic and strategic approach. This EP was creatively produced and designed to show the growth of me, not only as an artist but as a brand. I also teamed up with Melodic Soul Entertainment for artist consultant to assist in this morphing process.

The Metamorphosis Process

As I mentioned before, the process of creating and developing this EP was systematic and strategic. Every point and process took was done with precision and detail. The first phase started of with re-branding and creating more modern content. Melodic Soul assisted with the strategies and procedures of content creation, photo shoots, social media awareness and morphing the website.
These things had to be done because I knew the next step required a different type of swag.

While those things were in place. I was tasked with doing two songs per month and each song was submitted to a crowd review. These reviews were used to engage what the average listener in the hip-hop genre would like to hear from a new artist. From there we took the highest reviewed songs and brainstormed the EP concept.

Why Metamorphosis?

The title Metamorphosis came about when Zach, a consultant from Melodic Soul and I were revisiting our results from working together. So many ideas and names like, “Me, Myself and I”, “Byron versus Bank” and a few others I can’t remember to mention. All of these failed to our appeal and then we started joking about how one of them sound like a Beyonce’ album. So from there, I was like, NOPE! 

Then it hit us both when we started talking about the journey taking and how I want the EP to reflect the change I was taken as a brand. Seeing that there was a clear transformation, the EP took its name Metamorphosis. The artwork I knew needed to also have a symbolic approach. And the proper graphic designer had to be sourced.

It’s Metamorphosis Time!

Finally, the EP was taking into my favorite studio to work out of, Barron Studios for post-production and mastering. Here I closely worked with the staff and senior engineers to make sure the sound is impeccable. The EP lets you experience the creative realm of me not only as an artist but as a brand.
There are only five songs on this project, but the lyrical content and banging production will speak for itself. It was a tough choice but who knows there may be another project down the way. 

And now without further adieu, I’m proud to announce the EP, Metamorphosis will be available for download and streaming on March 30th via all digital platforms worldwide. (i.e: iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and etc.)

Did you hear Metamorphosis? What are your thoughts?


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