Life As An Independent Artist - Part 1


Being blessed with the talent to make music and share your thoughts with the world is a gift and a curse. But being an independent artist is a very difficult pill to swallow. I am an independent artist myself and I’ve been tasked with doing a lot of things myself. I’ve sacrificed financially, friendships, relationships and most of all time. I will elaborate on these things but think about it. Any successful business knows these things are key and can be great assets to a point.

You’re the Financial Investor

When you take a look at financially, an artist signed to a major label has a record company that’s investing into their career. Being independent I’ve found that you don’t get that luxury. Majority of the investment comes from you and can be very cumbersome. I’ve put money in certain things like studio time, production, wardrobes, travel, business dinners, equipment and many other things. I can tell you from experience that no one is going to invest in you like you. The best thing is that you can get sponsors and endorsements but there’s a lot of work to do before that even happens.

Friendships and Relationships

As far as friendships and relationships, I’ve had my fair share of long and short ones. Imagine trying to chase a dream and the people you’re close to not support you. How hard do you think that would be? I’ve had friends and ex-girlfriends that didn’t believe in me which in return made me doubt myself. The worst thing I’ve noticed you can let anyone do is to steal your joy. The time it takes for you to notice this depends on the individual. And if you let them, then you’re just making it hard on yourself. I find it very encouraging, if you look at it from a different perspective. 

Valuing Your Time

Early I mentioned how a lot of time is wasted and will be shining some direct light on it. If you go back a couple paragraphs you’ll notice everything I’ve mentioned takes time. Times is so valuable and I’ve learned to cherish it. Being around unsupportive friends and stagnant relationships takes time to change or remove yourself from. Investing takes time because you’re either working full time or part time to make some type of cash. Everything in life takes time and we always say there’s not enough of it in the day. The fact is, I’ve realized this is true and will never change. But time management is key. Making the most of everything I do in its importance to me is crucial. I could go on and on about this one but I’ll leave for another topic later.

Final Thoughts

Now think about everything I’ve touched and mentioned here. Life as an independent artist is very hard and not everyone can do it. The willpower, strength, dedication, persistence, and consistency doesn’t come easily. They are very essential and from experience, I know it very well. Therefore on the outside looking in, I may make it look easy but that’s an understatement. Everything starts off as an independent idea, goal or task before it becomes a group effort or brand. I believe this could help someone, artist or not. And notice this is only part one! 

Byron BankComment