In Studio Experience with Byron Bank


When we listen to a song, we listen to the finished product. We listen to all the sounds put together a certain way to give a particular feel and grab the listeners attention. But I never listened to a song when it’s being put together from scratch until I joined teambank. 

Witnessing the Process

Life has given me the opportunity to witness firsthand what it takes to complete one project. The countless nights it takes the artist to make the song sound perfect or trying to figure out something is missing. 

I’ve given my input on beats that may sound similar to the general listening ear, but in reality, they’re not. A simple sound of an instrument can change the direction the beat will make you feel, and this I’ve learned from attending the studio sessions. 

My Studio Session Experience

At the studio is where all the magic happens, the place where those sounds and lyrics all become one sound. By the time we arrive at the studio, Byron is already pumped and eager to record his song. He’s in his zone and “feeling it” as he would say. He has set a foundation of how he wants his song to sound in which the studio engineer takes note of. 

The studio engineer helps with the creativity side, working on the effects and makes sure Byron’s delivery and tone of voice are compatible to what he has envisioned. Once Byron is in the recording booth, he’s in a whole different world, away from us all. He’s in his element as if he’s on stage performing to his fans. I’ve witnessed him recording a whole song in one take. That’s right, one take. Then you have those times where he has to punch several times, but that is the art of making a song. 

When mixing the beat and bringing out all the elements, we find that there are instrument sounds we had not heard the first time around. Byron either likes it or not and they play around with the sound to make sure it is needed or not. Once the effects are out in place, you can tell in Byrons eyes that he’s content with what he’s listening. He’s ready to listen to his song from the top. Both Byron and the engineer listen one last time and end the session with “Oh yeah, that is niceeee!”. 

Final Thoughts

Being at the studio witnessing this work of art makes me appreciate the hard work he’s put into his music. It’s not a simple task as rapping over a beat. Byron is a perfectionist and he must have everything sounding right. Having a good recording studio and engineers that know your work plays a big role into making the perfect sound.